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The new 2013 LG SmartTV Interface

With 2013, LG is releasing a major overhaul of its succesfull SmartTV Interface that can be found on the LG Smart TVs. This post will get you updatet on the new features of Lg´s 2013 Smart TV Interface. First of all, the main screen hasn´t changed much. You still have your search and edit buttons and your app overview with ... Read More »

The all new Samsung F8590 series

  In the past two years, we have seen lots of extraordinary television devices made by Samsung. Now they are going back to the top by presenting the all new Samsung F8590 Plasma Smart TV Series. Samsung has improved the Plasma-Technology to a point where the image is more outstanding than any Plasma TV before. The Samsung F8590 Series is ... Read More »

News from Samsung at the CES 2013

We´ve heard lots of interesting stories about Samsung´s Smart TV ES8000. Samsung has made huge advancements in developing good TV´s. But after the presentation, they did at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Samsung definately is one of the, if not the, big players in TV business. They (again) revolutionized the Smart TV interface. When we were using Samsung Smart TV´s, ... Read More »

CES 2013, the new Samsung Smart HUB and other news!

As many of you may know, CES 2013 is just up ahead! The biggest international convention/show for the newest inventions in entertainment will take place from January 8th to 11th in Las Vegas! After the keynote, held by Samsung and Qualcomm, visitors can experience the latest products and inventions build to entertain them! Besides Tablets, Notebooks, Smartphones and various gadgets, ... Read More »

Samsungs new ES9000 75-Inch Smart TV

As a major Smart TV company, Samsungs tries to please every consumer group. To please the upper class consumers, The korean Company released a 75-Inch luxury Smart TV. The super slim screen connected to the gold-brush finish really make the product look like a high class model. In terms of connectivity, the Smart TV ES9000 comes with three HDMI ports, three USB ... Read More »

LG and open WebOS

According to reports, LG will release a Smart TV with Open WebOS in early 2013. LG choose Open WebOS as an alternative to Google and Apple. Open WebOS is an operating system for mobile phones. It has been redesigned by HP for use with Smart TVs from LG. This operating system will give the user a lot of opportunities. They ... Read More »

Expectations from the new Apple TV

                      We all know that Apple´s first Smart TV could be released later this year, but the Question we all ask is: What can we expect from the Apple TV? Whats the difference to Samsungs ES8000 Smart TV? The company from Cupertino certainly has the power to surprise consumers with ... Read More »

LG launches LG Cinema 3D, a groundbreaking new Smart TV

The consumer electronics company LG is going to publish a groundbreaking new set of 3DCinema Smart TVs. The new lineup has a dual-play feature(especially for gamers), a huge selection of 3D movies and over 1200 SmartTV apps. More features of LGs new Cinema 3D SmartTV: – a conversion system that converts all existing 2D movies into 3D movies – use ... Read More »

Samsung ES8000 Smart Evolution

As we mentioned earlier, the Samsung ES8000 LED TV will feature something that Samsung calls “Smart Evolution”. Many people ask theirselves, what is meant with “Smart Evolution” and how does it enrich my TV experience? Well we have the answer for this right here: The new Smart Evolution feature of Samsungs ES8000 Will give the owner the possibility to upgrade ... Read More »